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The One Minute Practice

Take Control of Alleviating Your Pain

What Is It?

The One Minute Practice is a method to take control of your backpain.

It allows you to work on your own using the breath to effectively address physical pain.

It can act as an alternative to medication or complement other prescribed treatments.

Why is it called One Minute Practice?

One Minute Practice recommends a breathing routine that takes an average of 1 min to accomplish.
We call it a practice because you decide how much time you dedicate to yourself. If you have ten minutes or 1 hour, the practice works, one minute at a time.
The time needed to fully alleviate your pain will vary with other cases.


This practice was born from Lorenzo Becchi's personal history with pain and the many methods and trails it took to finally become pain-free, with a system that could teach others to do the same.

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Testimonial: Ch: Thank you so much! OMP: Charlene, is there any details you learned that might be helpful to other readers? Comments help us growing. To bw reminded ti breathe! And then to focus atrention using hands. A great tool. Testimonial: Thanx a million for this information will definitely send it to my children we all have the same back problems. Testimonial: Good information. Thanks a lot.

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