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The One Minute Practice

Self care breathing techniques for pain and stress

What Is It?

One Minute Practice is a powerful self care system.
Easy to learn.
Quick to apply.

Do It Yourself

No need to be dependant on others to reach your goals.


Once you know what to do you get quick results.

Do It Anywhere

You can do it in bed before sleeping or when you wake up, at your desk, in front of a computer and/or include it in your training as an athlete...

Help Others

Once you embody the practice it will be easy to help others also.

Learn It From the Website

This website is meant to offer you all the tools to start a successful practice on your own.

What People Say About Us on Facebook

Testimonial: Yes it actually works Testimonial: It went away, even after it shifted... WooHoo!!! Testimonial: This is amazing...thank you!!..I have a lot of bone spirs in the lower right back..just thought I'd give this a's been the first time I could sit up without having my breath taken away or not have any pain!..I don't know if it's mind over matter ...all I know is that this worked!!...thanks again!

Back pain - Handling Muscle Tension

Allow your muscle tension to release in a simple and efficient manner.

Softening muscle tension

Emotional Release

The most natural way to process emotional intensity from past, present or future.

Releasing stucked emotions

Balancing Organ Activity

Find the right balance to keep your body efficient.

Balancing your organs activity